Wendy Herrmann

Speaker, Trainer, Coach



Green Table Consulting & Coaching

Speaking & Workshop Facilitation:


Self-Awareness in the Workplace


Communication Success


Team & Group Interaction


Leadership Development

Individual/Group Coaching:

Changing your path and seeking guidance.

Feeling a disconnect from where you are and where you want to be.

Stuck on a goal or commitment and need direction.

Seeking to understand yourself and increase your self-awareness.

How I can help:

Training & Facilitation

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Education & Training

  • Training sessions and workshop facilitation
  • Small or large group
  • Topic areas include:
    • Leadership Coaching & Development
    • Team & Group Dynamics
    • Diversity Conversations
    • Communication Success


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Self Awareness

I provide support as you:

  • Talk through obstacles in your life
  • Identify your values
  • Create intentions for your future
  • Adapt and grow through the process

Goals & Action

I provide support, motivation, and accountability as you:

    • Create a personalized plan for life change or goal completion
    • Stay connected to your intentions
    • Adapt and change through the process


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    Organizational Learning & Development

    • Leadership training and development
    • Create learning and development plans for your organization
    • Identify learning paths based on position within your organization

    Organizational Coaching Services

    • Team & Group Dynamics
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Employee Development

    Hi! I’m Wendy and I believe you have the ability to build the life you want, personally and professionally.

    Sometimes you need a little help along the way. I became a professional coach to combine my experience as an educator, consultant, mentor, and leadership developer.

    My calling is to help you learn about yourself, define your goals, and support you on your path.

    My Background, Education, & Training:

    After 20+ years in the professional world, I discovered I had built a diverse and helpful portfolio of skills. The one thing they all have in common? Helping others connect to their passions and life paths.

    I am a born and raised Midwesterner, currently living in rural Wisconsin. My educational background includes political science/policy, English literature, interpersonal communication, and educational leadership. I have a master’s degree in education-focused counseling, am facilitator-trained, and always seeking learning opportunities.

    I am a Certified Professional Coach through the Certified Life Coach Institute (CLCI).

    I am open minded and open hearted and bring compassion to our work together.

    Bring it to the table – get to where you want to be.

    Let’s talk!


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